Intellectual Property Counterfeiting Government Consultation - Intellectual Property ("IP") crime (counterfeiting and piracy as it is more widely known), has grown considerably over the past 10 years and is reported to have serious economic effects both in the UK and globally.

Probate Properties - In this article, we?ll see as to which properties are probatable (known as ?probate properties?) and which are not.

What to do When an Insurance Company Breaches its Contract - Seldom do we understand some of the mumbo jumbo in policy statements and contracts insurance policies that we avail of.

Patents A Tool for Technological Intelligence - Patents are the largest source of technological information.

WC Benefits Always Get An Attorney - WC benefits are available to sick or injured workers in every state and jurisdiction and exist to provide several key benefits:.

Workers compensation Laws - When injured on the job your injuries could be catastrophic which could leave you with no means of survival if you are left in a wheel chair or bed ridden but don't have the money to buy a bed or a wheel chair and if you need a medical alarm system.

Minority Shareholders Fighting The Man - Investing in a corporate entity is fairly standard practice in our society.

Asset Searching for Recovery Actions The Decision Makers Critical Tool Part - As certified fraud examiners (CFE), we all know the nuts and bolts of our respective areas of specialty, and hopefully, we are all growing professionally at an astounding pace.

California Easy Divorce - People ask whether a California "Easy Divorce" is possible.

Law School Accreditation - The following article was written for and originally published by Resources For Attorneys.

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