California Easy Divorce

People ask whether a California "Easy Divorce" is possible. Sure it is - when both parties will work together to expedite the process. A California "Easy Divorce" will not be completed when the husband or the wife wants to dispute any of the issues.

Just like other states, California has set rules that have to be followed before you can get a divorce. This fact is unavoidable. Clients ask, how is it possible for one spouse to impede a California "Easy Divorce"? They can do so by arguing about issues, such as grounds for divorce under circumstances where grounds are required to be agreed on, or by choosing to dispute issues such as (a) what property to divide, (b) who the children will live with & how custodial time will be divided, or (c) how to determine if alimony ought to be given the situation. All issues that have to be addressed prior to getting a California divorce can also be argued about. So, if you or your spouse wants to delay & halt an "Easy Divorce", it can be done. Then again, these issues could also be stipulated upon.

If both parties need to agree to a California divorce, you must have agreed on all of the outstanding issues and enter into the California "Easy Divorce". Therefore the number one matter that you need to determine should be whether each of you want to agree to work out a California "Easy Divorce". When both parties have agreed that you are going to negotiate a California "Easy Divorce", you or your spouse will be required to ascertain the way to get all of the court papers completed and filed.

One easy way to do this is to retain just one attorney to represent you and your spouse in order to write up all the court papers. Many clients do not want to work with just one lawyer and need to have independent legal guidance from a separately retained lawyer. However, it is likewise very common to engage two attorneys and have one of them complete all of the California divorce court papers that you and your spouse require, and then arrange to have the other lawyer agree upon them. One more method for you to obtain a California "Easy Divorce" would be to review and utilize one of the internet services to prepare all of the documents on your behalf. You can pick out an internet service from those available and they can prepare the court papers required for a California Easy Divorce.

If you use such a divorce service, be sure you and your spouse will be getting divorce forms pertinent for California. There are three different types of internet services out on the net. If you decide you want to use an internet service to prepare your California Easy Divorce, you are going to need to engage one of these services. One type of internet service will mail to you the legal forms for a California divorce.

The legal forms should arrive with complete with instructions for how to fill them in, however, you will be required to fill them out yourself. Another type of service is an internet service "complete forms preparation" company. That category of company asks that you fill out questionnaires with respect to your family. Then, this particular type of internet service will actually fill out the pertinent California divorce legal forms for you and your spouse and forward them to you with instructions explaining how to submit them. Another of internet service is a "complete" service and sometimes can be offered by a law firm.

This form of internet service is going to mandate that you and your spouse prepare questionnaires, in order to complete the required documents, then they will acquire the signatures required from both parties, and then the service will actually file the legal paperwork that you need. This category of divorce service is almost always significantly more pricy than the other two since the parties shall actually remit the filing fees to the company and they will file the divorce forms. With the other types of internet services you can hire for your divorce, the parties docket all of the legal papers themselves and they will have to pay the California Divorce filing fees on your own. .

By: Jean Mahserjian

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