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Just Allow? But How?

If you've been practising the Law of Attraction, then you're probably familiar with the expressions, "just Allow" and "it will come." Well, technically, both expressions are true. However, 'Allowing' is not just thinking that you can have your desire--it's also knowing and feeling that it is possible. When we believe we can have our desire, we have no doubt in receiving it. In other words, we 'Allow'. Simply put, 'Allowing' is the 'Absence of Doubt'.

Simply put, Allowing is the Absence of Doubt.

Understanding this concept makes using the Law of Attraction to deliberately attract more of what you want much easier. The three-step formula for Deliberate Attraction is:

(1) Identify Desire,
(2) Raise the Vibration (feeling), and
(3) Allow it.

Many of us are very good at the first two steps, coming up with the desire and getting excited about it, but the third step is harder. In fact, the Allowing step is the one that needs the most attention. The thing to keep in mind is that your desire can come to you very quickly, providing you have no resistance in receiving it. So removing or lessening your doubt - a process called 'Allowing' - is key.

For most of us, telling us to "just Allow" does not help. We need tools to assist us. Here is a tool that will help you lessen doubt whenever you feel it, or hear it, in that little internal voice that we all have. Let's say, for example, that your desire is to attract your ideal client, or your ideal relationship, and you have a feeling of doubt that it is possible for you. Your doubt or resistance is what is stopping you from 'Allowing' your ideal desire.

To lessen that resistance, ask yourself this question: "Is there anyone on the planet that is doing or having what I desire?" If so, then you now know it is possible. Continue building statements in your mind or on paper that tell you that your desire is possible. Here is an example of an 'Allowing' statement made by a practitioner wanting to attract his or her ideal client:

"Thousands of practitioners have a full thriving practice."

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to practitioners today, yesterday and will be paid again tomorrow."

"Millions and millions of dollars will be earned by practitioners." When using the formula for Deliberate Attraction, spend most of you time Allowing, as it determines how quickly, if at all, your desires will come to you.

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