WC Benefits Always Get An Attorney

WC benefits are available to sick or injured workers in every state and jurisdiction and exist to provide several key benefits:.continution of a workers pay (usually, the percentage is two-thirds);.payment for medical expenses which relate to an accident or injury, rehabilitation treatment, and compensation for permanent injuries that may reduce or eliminate a workers ability to earn what they previously earned prior to an accident.Should you proceed on a WC benefit case without the help of an attorney. No, and this is why:.The WC system is an adversarial one from the very start.

It sets the financial interests and concerns of a worker who has suffered a physical or mental loss as the result of a work accident against the monetary concerns of an employer.And the reason for this is fairly easy to understand: every time a WC claim is filed and later won, an employer's premium cost rises. For this reason, an employer has every reason to NOT wish that an injured receives the compensation to which they are entitled.For this reason above any other reason, someone who has been injured on the job, or who has suffered an illness that is the result of their specific work environment should immmediately consult with a lawyer who has trained in such matters.


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By: Tim Moore

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