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When injured on the job your injuries could be catastrophic which could leave you with no means of survival if you are left in a wheel chair or bed ridden but don't have the money to buy a bed or a wheel chair and if you need a medical alarm system or medical equipment you could receive medical equipment free of charge to make your life much easier they are several agencies that provided these kinds of services thought out the country Rehabilitation Commissions, Medicaid, Medicare and private organization could pay for your equipment. Medical alarms systems provide a very secure environment for someone with a disability or the elderly and could mean the deference of survival medical alarms are know to save thousands of lives every year. Medical alarms systems are recommended by health care provides to protect the elderly or persons with disabilities providing them with security if you have a love one who has a disability or an elderly love one a medical alarm system could provide you and your love one with security. knowing your love one is protected could provided you with relief knowing a medical alarm system is protecting you or your love one knowing a medical response team will be at your side or your love ones side in minutes. Monitoring services must maintain records relating to the dispatch for a period of at least one year following request for an Alarm Site.

Records must include the name, address and phone number of the Medical Alarm User, the Medical Alarm System zone's or point's activated, the time of request for response team dispatch and evidence that an attempt to Verify was made to the Medical Alarm Site prior to the request for dispatch. ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- is dedicated to assisting others by providing information, links and Google Search provides a verity of articles, we also except articles.


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