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Quick DUI Advice
by Sherri Z. Jones

There are days that just do go how you want them to. You find yourself at a party or some other gathering where you've had a few drinks. You seem to be walking fine. You can focus on the floor ahead of you. You aren't wobbly nor are you bumping into walls. You just feel a little tipsy. Maybe not even that. You feel good. After a quick self evaluation you decide to head for home. You say your goodbyes and answer the frequently asked question: Are you okay to drive?

"Yes!" you answer, "I'm fine."

You head for your car and get in, start it, and head for home. All is well. Then half way home you see the lights in your rear-view mirror. Now is when your day just seems to go down hill.

About 1.5 million people are arrested for DUI "driving under the influence" a year and you are now one of them. What should you do now. Well, the first thing to do is whatever the officer tells you to. Be honest with the officer. Telling him you've only had one beer while you are slurring your words and swaying doesn't look good. You will be asked to take a field sobriety test. Do the test. Don't refuse the test whether it be walking a line or taking a breathalyzer. You can be further penalized for not taking the field sobriety test. In my state I could have my license seized for refusing to take the field test AND additional penalties invoked by my states Department of Motor Vehicles. You should check with your state for the appropriate laws.

Okay, you have now been arrested and taken back to the police station. Now what? You will now be subjected to an evidentiary test. That is just fancy wording for a blood alcohol test. There are several kinds you can take. The first and most popular by far is the breathalyzer. This test measures the amount of alcohol that is emitted from your lungs. Common beliefs are that sucking a mint or smoking a cigarette prior to the test will affect the results. not true. It will have no effect. Not even the penny under the tongue theory. The other two and less popular types are the blood test and the urine test. A person might suggest that if you take the blood test take it at the very latest you can. The theory is that the liver will have removed some alcohol from the blood in the time that has elapsed from the time you were pulled over to the time you took the blood test. Depending on what happens it could be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Now that you've been released on bail you were probably given a temporary license because your original license has more than likely been seized. You should immediately consult a lawyer to represent you. I highly recommend you go shopping around. I personally would stay away from lawyers that advertise for dui cases. That is just my personal recommendation. Ask around your family or your friends. They may have had to use a DUI lawyer and might recommend them to you. Good Luck

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