New Jersey DWI Laws - New Jersey has some of the toughest DWI laws in the United States.

Privacy Rights Big Brothers Bumbling - The General Accounting Office has reported the federal government is ignoring individual privacy rights of citizens.

Full Disclosure for All Lawyers - It seems like Lawyers are always in the news for some unethical behavior.

Driving Under The Influence - DUI (driving under the influence).

Beat a Speeding Ticket by Going to Driving School - Regardless of how we view it, speeding is breaking the law.

Will You Wont You Why You Need A Last Will And Testament - What is a Will? It is a legal document or a signed letter left by the deceased giving instructions on what should happen after his/her death and how the estate should be divided.

FELA Federal Employers Liability Act of - Railroad workers who have been injured in a railroad accident may be entitled to benefits under the Federal Employers Liability Act of 1908 (FELA).

Are Lawyers Our Destroyers - The legal quagmire, which has been created by over zealous politicians catering to the legal lobbyists, has increased bureaucracy, stifled competition and tripled lawsuit filings.

Virginia Workers Compensation for the Injured Worker - What to you do in Virginia if you suffer an injury at work?.

A Strong Patent Is Important To Halt Infringers Operations Says US Supreme Court - A patent does not guarantee that you will be able to stop an infringer.

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