Beat a Speeding Ticket by Going to Driving School

Regardless of how we view it, speeding is breaking the law. Granted it's not as serious an offence as theft or murder, but under the watchful eyes of the law, it's an infraction.Any time a human being breaks a law there are consequences. In the case of speeding tickets it would seem that the consequences aren't that great.

However, that's not the case if you are a repeat offender and you've gotten so many tickets that you are facing time in jail.It would seem unlikely that anyone could receive numerous speeding tickets, pay the fines, undoubtedly pay high automobile insurance rates and still speed.It happens and after receiving numerous fines and points taken off their driver's license the law in many places shifts the punishment from being of a monetary form into being jail time.

An alternative that is offered in some cases is attending driving school. The person who received the speeding ticket pleads "not guilty" and appears in court.If this is a repeat offence they may have decided to retain a lawyer.Lawyers who specialize in the area of moving violations understand the importance of a driver's license and will work hard to not only make certain that their client keeps their license but will also work to keep them out of jail.

The lawyer will attend court with the motorist and plead their case; explaining that the motorist will attend driving school in an effort to improve their motor vehicle skills. This is seen as a sign of good faith on behalf of the motorist.They understand that their driving skills are lacking and time with a certified driving instructor explaining the basics of driving will work towards improving their speeding problem.Noting that the motorist will spend not only classroom time absorbing the basics of driving but practical time inside a vehicle with an instructor might be enough to convince the judge that the speeder is trying to rehabilitate.If the judge agrees, the motorist will spend several hours studying in a classroom environment with others.

These might also be people who have a number of speeding tickets or it could also be people who have been charged with more serious motor vehicle violations such as driving while under the influence of alcohol.After the classroom instruction is complete the students are expected to participate in in-car training with a qualified instruction.There they will be given the skills they need to safely operate a motor vehicle including instruction on maintaining the legal and safe speed.

After they have completed a written and a practical test their results are sent to the court.If they failed any part of the course, they will have to appear again in court to face sentencing.If they passed, their lawyer may request that the last ticket they have be dismissed and they will be expected to continue driving as they have during the driving school course, which is safe and below the legal posted speed limit.

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