Full Disclosure for All Lawyers

It seems like Lawyers are always in the news for some unethical behavior. But this should not be surprising as Male Lawyers are seven times more likely to cheat on their wives with another woman or Man than the average American. Since we have lawyers abusing the law so often yet pretend to be upholding it in some helpful way, we need more disclosure. We should demand phone records, financial records and all lawyers must be made to publish their books, so we can tell where the payoffs to judges went if any. Additionally we must register them and have GPS devices, which we can inject into their skin.

This will help us in the future find them, when they try to hide, when society is so sick and tired of their BS, that we take Caesars advice and be done with it.As a business man, we have regulations calling for massive disclosure about ever facet of our personal lives and businesses, yes, down to the toilet tissue counts for the annual audit, we must pay for this out of our profits. Everything the government does, every ridiculous, asinine rule that some agency comes up with, we must comply. Then we have to prove our audits are correct, we have to pay more accountants to review what we just paid to have checked?.

Then we have to ask our attorney if every single business decision we make is lawful and there are so many areas of law and so many laws, that no lawyer can know all the information. But the attorneys hide all the information, government forms from us so we have to hire them, teams of lawyers and accountants. And if, we fail to make a profit or someone says we did something wrong the government launches an investigation on hear say and the lawyers go in for the kill. Lawyers in my opinion are the biggest group of self-serving scoundrels and cockroaches that have ever walked the earth.

One business friend of mine calls them Sub-Humans. (freedom of speech).I therefore propose that we have complete and full disclosure from every attorney firm and updates immediately of any changes in their firm, which are material. Failure to comply should be met with jail time mandatory. Until which time we start monitoring these lawyers they will continue to operate above the law and remain parasites of our civilizations greatest productive assets. Think on this, I am with Caesar, you should be too.

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By: Lance Winslow

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