Are Lawyers Our Destroyers

The legal quagmire, which has been created by over zealous politicians catering to the legal lobbyists, has increased bureaucracy, stifled competition and tripled lawsuit filings. A small businessperson, who invests their life savings, does so to the benefit of himself and his family, while providing jobs, customer service and a tax base which pays for our many desired public services. Yet now at each turn of a businessman's day he is faced with asking himself; not will this help my customer, my company, my family or my employees; but rather if I do this will I get sued?.Most often a business decision for a small businessperson does not make choices in his business to expand based on created or generating more profits or revenue, but based on risk of potential lawsuits, from the professional parasites. Does this mean all lawyers are bad? Of course, they are, but it goes beyond that. These parasites are causing friction in the market place, decreases in customer service, lost productivity and thus lost tax revenues for our communities.

What can we do; should we shoot all the lawyers? Should we follow Caesar's advice and; "first, kill all the lawyers?" Well that is one solution although we live in such a civil society that is not going to happen. It is for that very reason we allow these parasites to exist.Frivolous lawsuits and the treat of losing your entire investment has prompted many a businessperson to hold off on investing in expansion, hiring employees and buying additional equipment, which would employee additional Americans. But it goes beyond that, such fear of loss is causing the lawyers to up the ante on their extortion tactics, even advertising on TV for those who feel they might possibly believe they have been somehow perhaps wronged in some minute way, to come in for a free consultation. It is sickening to think that someone can file a piece of paper in a court of law in the United States of America, which stands for justice and fairness, with some bogus and fictitious complaint, forcing the small businessperson to answer the complaint, which is based on complete and utter hokum.

It is obvious that our court system is a miss and that the Lawyers have hijacked the law. The small businessperson has little choice but to deal with this constant threat of these domestic terrorists and their virus to our nation. It makes one wonder if Caesar was not a man of absolute knowledge and brilliance.

Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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