Removing a Child to another Jurisdiction after a Divorce - Article describes the issue of removal of a minor child as related to a divorce action.

Trademarks Cybersquatting UDRP and Domain Name Disputes - The basics of Cybersquatting, domain name disputes and the difference between UDRP and ACPA.

The Beginnings of a Quality Patent Search - Hopefully you realize that before you do much of anything, you need to look at the marketability of your invention.

How To Get Accident Injury Compensation - Accident injury compensation may allow you to request compensation for many forms of damage and loss including, medical bills, emotional distress, and lost wages.

Starting Points For The Whiplash Injury Claim - When you get out of the car after the accident, try to focus on gathering evidence, because this will help your whiplash injury claim a lot.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished The Surrogate Father and Child Support Under Illinois Law - This article discusses the fact that sperm donors are still responsible for child support payments even if there is an agreement in writing to the contrary with the recipient of the donation.

Beyond The Yellowpages Choosing The Right Attorney - If you?ve ever browsed through the ?yellow pages? of your local phone book, you?ll often find numerous advertisements (some times dozens of pages) for personal injury attorneys.

Accident Advice And What To Do At The Scene Of A Crash - Accident advice helps most drivers avoid making costly, long-term decision errors immediately following an accident.

Buying a Home AsIs Should You Be Worried - Some buyers will ignore an 'as-is' clause when purchasing a new home, only to find problems with the property later.

Zyprexa Lawsuit Cash Advance NoRisk Lawsuit Loan - A risk free source of legal finance is now available for plaintiffs involved in Zyprexa or other pharmaceutical lawsuits.

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