Whistle Blowing techniques

Have you ever thought of being a whistle blower? Sure you have, like most human beings who are lazy, lethargic and sinful you see things others have achieved and you are envious of them. Do not worry this is part of our pathetic human innate genetics. Do not worry that you have never achieved anything, never strived to be the best at everything you do or even made a dent in the world to make it a better place, because now you can be a whistle blower instead.Before we begin to discuss these sure fire techniques to whistle blowing we must make sure that you are indeed the whistle blower type.

You need to do a quick self-assessment and you need to be totally honest with yourself. It helps to be the kid in kindergarten who was always the tattletale and no one liked; the one who always ran to tell the teacher when anything happened. Are you like that? Hopefully so, because these are the weak people who make the best darn whistle blowers. Are you always right? And even when you are wrong you simply stick to your guns and become boisterous and have a fit, try to manipulate the people around you to get your way; like some adolescent on steroids? This is a plus too. Are you the kind of person who will lie to a company to get something less expensive or abuse a clerk to make them feel bad and give you a discount? Do you call the BBB every time you make a purchase over $50.00 to see if you can get your money back by bad mouthing the company? Do you add in things when you make an insurance claim? If so you could be a first rate whistle blower indeed.

Now then to blow hard you need a bigger mega phone and in true whistle blower spirit it also means you need to do a little pre-planning to get a book deal. First go by the writer's guide book at Border's Book Store and try to find the best place to get a book deal. Also have available all the possible media contacts in advance of your big one-time event. Be sure to have a law firm ready and press releases too.

This way you can put a positive spin on things and beat the company, agency or institution to the punch. It is best if you can do this a day prior to any court filing. Or file the claim on Friday at 5PM and have your story hit the AP and online wire at 3-4 PM. This way the opposing party has "no comment" which makes them look guilty and you look like the whistle blower hero you always wished you could be; after all life is hard and you deserve $500,000 for a book deal and hopefully a movie too.

Speaking of movies you should have your book almost all written and the movie script too.Join a writers club and make good contacts with others to help you in this endeavor. Truth is not as important and publicity. Learn from the best whistle blowers of all; people such as Elliot Spitzer; make something up, launch and investigation and simultaneously alert the media. It works great, he is a good teacher of how you can destroy your opponent before you start in the court of public opinion. Was your boss mean to you when you did not perform? Get back at them and get revenge for your little feelings being hurt by turning into a Whistle Blower today? Being a Whistle Blower (WB) is getting easier and easier? Much easier in those days when you got you ass beat in the sand box.

Now you can be a hero and sue the company, agency or institution and be a famous person, the one you always wanted to be. All misfits of society should become whistle blowers so they can feel good about themselves and get back at the rotten society, which has treated them bad just because they were lazy, lethargic and under performers. Maybe the meek will inherit the Earth after all? Become a Whistle Blower and tear down every thing you can and all those things your little mind cannot understand, the sooner you get started the sooner you can become rich, get respect you so desire and awards you have longed for. Think about it.


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By: Lance Winslow

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