Resort Vacation In South Africa

German, French, Indian, Portuguese, British, Muslim and Dutch are all cultures you'll find well represented in South Africa which is the most southern country on the African continent. It lies between the Atlantic and Indian oceans and has 3500 kilometers (about 2200 miles) of shoreline with many opportunities for action or leisure travel. The two recognized languages are English and Afrikaans (a mix of Dutch and German), with 11 ethnic languages spoken. The Rainbow Nation is certainly a colorful one. South Africa is a scenic land that supplies a lot to enhance your travel experience and it is tough to decide what to recommend due to the abundance of what she presents.

Hence I will break this into 14 points naming the assorted regions that may be studied for a vacation, with a compact description of each followed by articles on each area one by one. This will be done in no specific order. 1. Johannesburg is the largest city in Africa south of Cairo and dances to it's own beat. A boisterous, trendy, African city which is a diverse creation in itself being the hub of financial and industrial force. 2.

Diplomatic and Administrative rules are held by Pretoria, about 56 kilometers (35 miles) from Johannesburg. The city has many beautiful parks, gardens and cultural buildings. This is also where Pres. Mandela was ushered in as President in 1994.

3. Sun City and Lost City. The dream child of Sol Kerzner who also built Atlantis in the Bahamas. It is heaven for the kid in all of us with amusement centers, theme parks and its own National Park, Pilansberg. 4.

Mpumalanga and Northern Province is a short drive from Johannesburg, but worlds away for its tranquility and beauty and also home to the Kruger National Park. 5. Kruger National Park, famous world wide for its wildlife sanctuaries, is also a model in ecological tourism apart from lodging the big five: elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo. 6. The Great Escarpment.

A rocky horseshoe shaped by mountain ranges is where city-dwellers go to wind down by walking, fishing or climbing. 7. Home of 32 game parks and nature reserves is Kwazulu-Natal, where tropical and sub-tropical districts meet on the edge of the Indian ocean providing memorable walking trips, scuba diving and snorkeling. 8.

Durban and the East Coast. The Golden Mile is a important attraction in Durban with white beaches and sub-tropical climate apart from playgrounds, parks and promenades. The East Coast is a very popular vacation destination for South Africans. 9. The Wild Coast. Land of the Xhosas.

The silvery stretches of beaches are aptly named The Enchanted Coast, The Romantic Coast and The Sunshine Coast with rich indigenous woods not far away. 10. The Garden Route. One of the most beautiful areas in South Africa following the curving coast for 300 kilometers (188 miles) from Storms River to Mossel Bay.

11. An area of many moods is the Sunlit Interior. Cut of from the coastal areas by mountain ranges, this area has plenty of sunshine and common plant life but not enough rain.

12.The West Coast. Patterned with small fishing villages and harbors, this area is ruled by the sea. It is famous for its seafood made and eaten in beachside "bomas".

13.The Cape Peninsula. Even if people do not know much about South Africa, they know about Cape Town. Vineyards, lovely beaches, Tafelberg (Table Mountain), architecture and history. South African wines are known world wide and the Cape is the place to find many exquisite vineyards. 14.

A diverse, multilingual, gay people that deserves to be called The Rainbow Nation. More about the mix of the cultures and flavors of South Africa's inhabitants. Keep your eyes open for the rest of the articles, which will be released over the next few weeks.

If you are thinking of traveling to South Africa sometime in the future, this may help to decide where you should go to find the things that interest you most.

Ina Smit is an experienced traveler who has vacationed in 17 countries, staying in topnotch resorts and is regarded as an authority on the subject of Travel.

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