Personal Injury Lawyer California

For almost three decades, we have vigorously and successfully fought for the injured. Whether your injury occurred in your workplace, or in another venue, our Personal Injury attorneys can serve as powerful advocates for you. We are known for taking on tough, complex cases turned down by other attorneys.

Once accepting a case, we invest the time and money it takes to bring about a successful outcome. Whether it's a brain injury or spinal injury resulting from a catastrophic automotive accident, or a wrongful death through medical malpractice, our attorneys have the know-how and tenacity to effectively represent you. When it comes to work-related injuries, we create a 360-degree team by partnering with our Workers Compensation attorneys.

You have powerful advocates in every corner. We pay referral fees to our attorney-colleagues who recommend us to their clients. The consistent stream of referrals we receive underscores our professional reputation.

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