Pennsylvania Auto Accident Lawyer helps in solving any auto accident problem

By being a big state, Pennsylvania sees a large number of auto accidents every year. There are thousands of crashes each year. Thankfully most auto accidents aren't fatal. Most Pennsylvania auto accidents don't even involve serious injuries. But if you should be an accident that involves a death, serious injury, or even just property damage; it's important to have a lawyer that is committed to fighting for the award or settlement that you are entitled to.

You know that the person, who was at fault in the auto accident, and their insurance company, is going to have the best possible lawyer so you should too. Some statistics regarding auto accidents in Pennsylvania bear out the need for having a quality attorney on your side. In 2001, the state saw 529 fatalities from alcohol related accidents.

Obviously, losing someone in a drunken driving accident is devastating and not something someone wants to think about, but if it has happened to your family you need a lawyer that can fight for you to get the rewards that are deserved. 90% of the fatalities from drunken driving accidents were in the car with the drunken driver, but many of those were passengers. If your family member was killed by a drunken driver that they were in the car with, the driver is still responsible and you need a lawyer to fight on your behalf. Even though, there were only 529 fatalities in drunken driving auto accidents; there were 25 times that many injuries from these types of accidents.

Over 10,000 people in Pennsylvania are injured in drunken driving auto accidents and many of these are serious. For this reason, Pennsylvanians need good lawyers that know the state and have a proven track record fighting for auto accident victims. Obviously, the majority of auto accidents in Pennsylvania are not caused by drunken drivers.

Those may be the cases that we see every night on the news, but a Pennsylvania resident is many times more likely to be involved in a regular auto accident with another driver. This doesn't discount the need for a lawyer that can serve as an advocate for auto accident victims. There are still thousands of auto accident fatalities in Pennsylvania. Obviously there are many times those numbers of injuries each year in Pennsylvania and many autos are damaged in accidents each year as well.

A good lawyer can assess the situation, help determine who is at fault, and help you get the settlement or award you deserve. Too many Pennsylvania residents have found themselves in an auto accident and no idea what to do. They make statements to the police, their insurance company, the other driver, the other driver's lawyer or insurance company and eventually these statements are used against them and limit any kind of settlement or award that they would typically be entitled to. It is important to say nothing, but it's also important to have a lawyer that you can count on.

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