Oregon Personal Injury Liability Insurance

Personal injuries are bodily or mental injuries caused by another person or object. If you are accused of causing a personal injury and choose to take the help of the Law for proving that you are not responsible, it can mean a long legal battle. Most people use their personal money to fight personal injury cases and soon they are exhausted of all financial resources.

This is where personal injury liability insurance comes into picture.Liability insurance is an insurance policy that provides insurance coverage for a person or an entity from claims initiated by someone. This kind of insurance is also applicable for Oregon personal injury liability.

That means a person can take a policy if he is expecting to be sued for causing personal injury. The insurance company will pay the claim settlement for the injury caused. It should also pay the legal costs of fighting the personal injury law suit.Personal injury liability insurance policies state the maximum amount that the insurance company would pay in case of a claim. To cover any additional claim amounts, the insurer can go for umbrella liability.

Personal injury liability insurance covers the medical, hospital and funeral expenses of the insured, others in his vehicles and the pedestrians struck by him.Liability insurance is very popular because it is less expensive than several other insurance policies. This is especially so with regard to auto insurance policies which are relatively cheaper than full coverage policies. A full coverage liability insurance policy would however cover damages for all the vehicles involved in the collisions, medical expenses for the first party as well as the other party, and any property damages. A regular liability insurance policy, on the other hand, would cover only the other party's losses.

General liability insurance policy covers business and gives coverage against third party claims.Other kinds of liability insurance policies are employer's liability insurance, D & O liability (directors and officers) and professional liability insurance. Employer's liability covers the employee's claims in times of bodily injury, job related illness or any other reason. This liability insurance is mandatory for all businesses.

D & O liability insurance covers the acts or omissions made by higher officials (like directors) in the company. This can mean failure to act upon statements or any other actions or mistakes made by them. Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, covers professionals or experts in a particular field who may not receive general liability insurance because of their expertise.More information about Oregon personal injury liability insurance is available over the Internet.

Your attorney would also be able to guide you through it.

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By: Jennifer Bailey

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