No win no fee claims

No win no fee based claims are growing ever more popular as the realisation comes that members of the public can get compensation as a result of personal injury. The no win no fee claim service came into effect in 1998 when legal aid was replaced by the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Under such an agreement you are only obliged to pay your solicitor's fee and expenses for things such as expert reports if you win your case.

If you lose, you have no fees to pay your solicitor. A Conditional Fee Agreement stands for the legal contract between the solicitor and you the claimant. This contract contains the terms and conditions that you and the solicitor agree on. No win no fee agreements are mostly used to pay for such personal injury cases as; whiplash injury, road traffic accidents, work accidents and trips/slips. A frequently asked question when it comes to no win no fee claims is will all my compensation be used in paying my solicitor's fees? If your case is fully successful then the answer is no.

You will receive 100% compensation without any hidden costs and the solicitors costs shall be recovered from the other side, leaving the damages won intact. Successful no win no fee accident claims can help with such expenses as loss of earnings, medical expenses and repair costs to things like cars. Everyone has a legal and civil right to claim compensation after an accident and thanks to no win no fee claims it's never been easier. If you have suffered or sustained an injury in the last 3 months in the UK, the first step is to get in touch with a solicitor/accident claims company, such as Advisors will talk you through the claim process and the likely outcome of the claim.

When your case has been evaluated, a decision will be made and you will be told right away whether the case is being pursued, with the process starting immediately if your case is being taken up. Personal injury cases based on no win no fee rarely go to court and as the claim process starts immediately you don't have to wait long before your compensation reaches you. The process of claiming revolves around the two sides involved agreeing on liability and damages, which cuts the number of cases going to court.

It is thought around 25 million people lose income and independence as well as lifestyle changes due to accidental injuries every year. Seeking compensation for injuries and harm is not a social problem or the sign of the emergence of a 'compensation culture,' but simply realising a civil and legal right Since legal aid was replaced with the Conditional Fee Agreement, over 130,000 enquiries relating to personal injury claims have been made. As well as compensation, lessons are also gained from no win no fee claims in the sense that the problems that caused the injury in the first place are put right as we all have obligations to avoid causing harm to others, and to take steps to prevent such harm arising.

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