New York Birth Injury Lawyers

Usually, birth injuries are caused due to the negligence of doctors or physicians. These things happen due to lack of attention of the physician, when he or she does not react quickly to signals of a patient's distress. Birth injuries might also take place when the responsible medical professional fails to give proper medical care during the pregnancy or birthing process.Even a small amount of negligence might result in fatal conditions both for the mother and the infant.

Lifelong paralysis, brain damage, and even can occur. Some of the probable birth injuries include bone fractures, damage to the spinal cord, bruising and skin irritation, paralysis, infections, brain damage, internal bleeding, injury due to forceps, cerebral palsy and brachial plexus.Empathy, compassion and understanding are some of the qualities that are very important to look for in a birth injury lawyer. Birth injuries may or may not be an irreconcilable fact. Every year numerous infants are subject to birth injuries in various nursing homes and hospitals in New York City as a result of medical negligence. The unexpected birth injury is not only tragic, but would also come with a lot of heavy expenses, such as hospital bills.

New York-based personal injury lawyers specializing in birth injuries render great services to the relatives of the victims by making them receive the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. To cite an example, one might mention a very successful New York law firm who claimed more than $3,900,000 for a birth injury resulting from the failure to do an emergency C-section in a timely manner.

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By: Kevin Stith

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