Insure Your Whole Business

A business requires so many types of insurance, you may
think "just one more" means "one too many." There's Worker's
Compensation and other liability insurances -- required by
law. There's health, major medical, dental, vision -- vital
parts of an adequate benefit plan.

There's even "key
personnel" insurance that pays if certain members of the
team are unable to work due to illness or injury.

And, now, there's a new twist called prepaid legal plans --
"courtroom insurance" you could call it. If you think that
this is the "one too many," you are risking everything as
certainly as you would if you dropped your current

The American Bar Association says: "Americans have come to
view legal assistance as a necessity [and] the best way for
the majority of Americans to be able to assure themselves of
legal assistance when they need it. is through a prepaid
legal plan."

Although this kind of protection is just catching on in
America, it's a proven commodity in Europe, where some 40
percent of the population has some type of protection.

there's easy access to good legal advice, people more often
settle their problems without a court fight. Your business
can have that same security, because you'll know your rights
will be protected, whether it's an unfulfilled contract, a
defective product, damaged shipment or whatever!

Simply put, a pre-paid legal plan does for attorney bills
what an HMO does for doctor bills. The monthly fee --
premium, if you wish -- varies by type of coverage and
locality, but is typically less than $1 per day. A small
sacrifice for the knowledge that you'll receive quality,
comprehensive legal services to protect your rights and
provide you with peace of mind.


About the Author .James Brown is an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal
Services®. For nearly 30 years, PPL has provided legal plans
to businesses,families and individuals across the US and
Canada. To check for availability and rates in your area,
visit or contact
James at mailto:jamestbrown@prepaidlegal.


By: James Brown

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