Getting Out of Jail Bail Bonds

Being arrested can be a traumatic experience, and the first thing to cross most minds is how to get out. The only way to be released from jail after being arrested is to meet the conditions of bail bonds, set by a judge, which usually includes a set amount of money. Bail bonds are set in amounts according to the crime and flight risk of the defendant. They are set to ensure the defendant will return to court as ordered. The following paragraphs will discuss the different ways of meeting the conditions of bail bonds. Paying the Entire Bail Bond Amount One option of meeting the conditions of bail bonds is to pay the entire amount ordered by a judge.

If you can afford this option, it is best. By paying the complete amount of bail bonds, not only a you assuring the court you will return, but you will also get the entire amount back at the conclusion of your case. There are no fees, but you must reappear in court, as ordered. If you fail to reappear at all scheduled hearings, the amount of your bail bonds could be forfeited.

Your Own Recognizance For crimes that are non-violent, and where the defendants are not viewed as a flight risk, some judges will not set bail bonds amounts. Instead, they will allow the defendants to be released on their "own recognizance", or the promise they will return for their trials. If the defendants break that agreement, and fail to show up at all scheduled court hearings, they can be rearrested, and face additional charges. Hire a Bail Bondsmen By hiring a bail bondsmen, the bail bondsmen will handle everything it takes to get you out of jail. If you pay them an agreed upon fee, usually around 10 percent of the amount of the bail bonds, you will be released from jail with the bonding company serving as surety to insure you will appear in court as you are ordered to. If you fail to appear at all scheduled court hearings, it is very likely that you bail bondsmen will enlist the help of a bounty hunter to help track you down and bring you to court in order to prevent the bail bonds amount to be forfeited.

The fee you pay the bail bondsmen is not returned when your case is concluded, it is for the bail bondsmen to keep for services rendered to you.

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