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A jet airline has some engine trouble. The pilot instructs the cabin crew to show the quick demo for an emergency landing. A few minutes later, he asks the crew if everyone is ready. "All passengers are ready, Captain," comes the reply, "except one lawyer who is still going around giving out his business card.

" Though just a joke, this illustrates the importance of insurance lawyers.If a person's life or material property is damaged due to someone else's negligence, and if the person has insured his life and his property, the insurance company offers an insurance compensation to the person.If there is any dispute over this, insurance lawyers help the client by handling the issue.Let's take an example. Graham is a good driver. Somehow his car hits the car being driven by Benson on the highway.

The latter's car gets damaged. Benson demands an immediate settlement.Such is the situation where insurance lawyers need to be consulted.

By law, Benson cannot force Graham to pay anything without legal proceedings. Usually the insurance company, with which Graham has insured his automobile, would pay the damages. But before doing so, an insurance broker or an insurance lawyer will analyze the circumstances in which the damage occurred.In the above example, the most important part of Graham's job would be to consult an insurance lawyer. It is important that Graham seeks a lawyer, and never the other way round. A lawyer's soliciting a client is against the law according to the Florida Bar Association, which regulates the function of all certified insurance lawyers in Florida.

The Florida bar publishes several pamphlets of information for the benefit of consumers. One of these is "What to do in Case of an Automobile Accident." It is available in English and Spanish. Their official website, www., is an excellent resource for locating insurance lawyers in Florida.


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By: Peter Emerson

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