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People get injured in different situations and circumstances. Most injuries are caused by road accidents, dog bites [that injure someone in the U.S.

every 40 seconds, according to a report], and slip-and-falls due to hazardous living conditions or work environments that involve poor lighting, changes in flooring or other factors.People who are most vulnerable to injuries, in general, happen to be the aged and the children. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, they are sometimes abused physically and emotionally within their families, K-12 schools, old age homes and nursing homes. For example, a K-12 schoolteacher may inflict corporal punishment on one of the students, or an au pair in a household may inflict physical abuse on an infant.Suppose in a nursing home, the nursing staff mistreats an 80-year-old patient, or a doctor prescribes a medicine without diagnosing the cause of the disease so that the problem gets aggravated. These also injure the person concerned in one way or the other.

Injury lawyers handle such cases and help the affected person, by seeing to it that the injuring party is penalized and that the injured person gets a fair deal, either rectification of the injury or monetary compensation, or both.The Florida Bar, an official organ of the Supreme Court of Florida, is the professional and regulatory organization of all certified lawyers in the Sunshine State. Its main functions are to "Protect the Rights" of the consumer, to "Pursue Justice" and to "Promote Professionalism," as is evident from its official website, www.floridabar.

org. It brings out many pamphlets for the use of the consumer. They include `Legal Rights of Senior Citizens,' `Sexual Harassment in the Workplace' and `What to do in Case of an Automobile Accident.' Some of the pamphlets are available in Spanish as well, on account of the large Spanish-speaking immigrant population in Florida.The Website is an excellent source for finding injury lawyers in Florida at the click of a computer keyboard or mouse.


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By: Peter Emerson

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