Employment Discrimination Lawyers and Lawsuit

It would appear that we have too many rules, quotas and discrimination lawsuits in American Business. Indeed in the end this hurts us all. A businessperson should be able to hire whomever they wish without any rule of law compelling them in their employment process.

As a businessperson I want to hire the best man or woman, the most efficient who will perform the best quality. If that happens to be a Blue person, so what? If I higher a larger percentage of Green people, because they work better together and are on average smarter than humans, then I do not want anyone breathing down my neck because they do not see enough Purple People working over here.Government needs to stay out of these things. Because government does nothing well and by threatening or pretending to enforce theories of quotas or starting cases or investigations over which color of people XYZ company hires then everyone loses. In fact perhaps this is why the government is so inefficient, as they are worrying so much about being politically correct they cannot get anything done.

The best person should get the job, because they deserve it and provide better productivity and in this way the competition in labor supply will solve all the problems and prevent people from getting a leverage against a business while giving lower productivity.More efficiency in a company, means more profit, better expansion, more hiring, better tax revenues generated and that is good for the vitality of our economy and very good for all people who want good jobs. To hell with anyone who suggests any more rules and regulations on labor or employment law, as that only helps attorney firms, which are in cahoots with regulators and professional parasites perpetuating this political correctness.Stay out of my business we should hire who we want, when we want and the best person will get the job, that is the American Way and that is fair for all concerned. Everyone knows that applying racism to business is unprofitable, those that do will fail. Therefore the free market will fix it, but it cannot until the government gets out of the way, along with their string pulling lawyers.

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By: Lance Winslow

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