EcoTerrorism is International Terrorism

The largest Eco-Terrorist Group is not from the United States they are based in Canada. They often destroy property and think it is funny. This ELF Group is a problem, they are environmentalists, who go around screwing up things to make a point. They claim they care about the environment then start fires polluting the air. Burning down brand new homes being built on what they believe should remain undeveloped, they torch car dealerships to show people that they should not buy SUVs because they pollute too much and things of this nature.The FBI thinks they may go after bigger projects.

Not sure if this is reality or a reason to go seek them out, but either way it is not good for America to allow these groups to commit acts of arson, property crimes or vandalism. We may be giving them ideas through the media, egging them on, or giving them ideas through the Cable Media's announcements of possible targets. If they really are going after bigger acts of vandalism and terrorism, that would be terrible to have an infrastructure problem sending everyone back into fear mode during already heightened states of alert.

The media would blow it out of proportion.What is very unfortunate about this, is with the changes in government recently, these groups will cause a problem in the balance of security and the general agreement amongst most of the population that we all need to do basic things like recycle, stop dumping, clean up the water and pay attention to discharges into the air. Such terrorism causes a rebellion of the average American to do the right thing and stick together, which we are. If these groups continually disrupt to prove a point, they will ruin any chances for positive changes in the minds of the masses to do the right thing and thus politics of mankind will not follow suit in the proper direction. I bet our homeland security teams could infiltrate this group and talk some reason into these people using the web sites and online cyber psyche techniques, maybe they already have? We must stop Eco-Terrorists and if they are coming from Canada, that makes them International Eco-Terrorists and we need to catch them, kill them or put them in nice gated community in Guantanamo Bay.

Think about it.

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By: Lance Winslow

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