Do you Have an Invention or an Idea for an Invention

What are inventions? Well, basically an invention is when someone comes up with an idea or an object that has never been thought of before. Typically this idea or object will help other people in some way. For example, electricity was an invention when it was first discovered. People invented new ways to use it and to bring it into our homes. People have even invented new ways of producing electricity. We use inventions every day of our lives in so many different ways.

Some are very basic ways such as the shoes on our feet. Some are more technical ways but all began as someone's invention. Do You Have an Invention? So what do you do if you have an invention or an idea for an invention? The first thing you are going to want to do is to apply for a patent. This is very important for different reasons.

One is that the patent office will be able to tell you if someone else already has a patent on that or if there is a patent in the works even if you have not seen the item on the market yet. Another reason to get a patent is to protect your idea. Just because you told yourself, your mom, your spouse or your best friend doesn't mean you have proof that you had the idea first.

You need to register it first so you can claim it as intellectual property and you can be sure all rights remain to you. If someone steals your idea and you do not have a patent, it will be very hard to prove that you are the original one to come up with the invention. You are better off playing it safe and calling the patent office. .

By: James Hunt

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