Consumer Protection and the Role of Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer protection laws exist to protect regular folks just like you and me. They're there to give consumers a way to remedy situations where there has been an outright scam, advertising that is misleading (or a flat out lie), bad service, failure of a service company to fulfill a contract and the likes. Consumer Protection Laws One way that these consumer protection laws are upheld is through consumer protection class action lawsuits. These are lawsuits that are brought against companies or individuals who have broken the consumer protection laws. Basically, the idea is to have a mechanism in place that makes manufacturers and businesses do and provide what they say that they're going to, when we pay them our hard earned money. So what are some situations that might demand a consumer protection class action lawsuit? Well, let's take a look at three common scenarios where consumer protection laws are violated and class action lawsuits may be warranted: You buy something at a national chain store like K-mart or Walmart .

you expect it to be and do what it has been marketed to do, right? But wait, that Martha Stewart glass top table that you purchased just shattered and you sure haven't used it inappropriately. Hopefully, no one was hurt in the process, but still your table didn't hold up to normal wear and tear . In a case like this, it's worth checking around to see whether this was a one-time fluke or if it's a manufacturer's defect. If it's a defect, a consumer protection class action may be in order.

Or maybe you've finally decided it's time to join the rest of the world online and you sign-up for a well known Internet service provider . everything's going along just fine until BAM . you get your bill and they've gone ahead and billed you during their "free trial".

Think it's a mistake? Think again . they're actually making a killing off of unsuspecting computer newbies. And what's worse? They're nearly impossible to reach by phone! In situations like this, companies are just plain cheating the public and they know it. You'll notice that so-called 'accounting and billing mistakes' are never made in favor of the consumer.

How about this situation . have you ever had a lender (of any kind) request that you sign a consumer credit contract without full disclosure of the terms of the agreement? Or maybe you've purchased something on credit and the base price has been raised because you aren't paying cash? These are clear violations of the Truth in Lending Act. If you and others have had the same bad experience, a consumer class action is perhaps the only way to stop these people from doing what they're doing and to collect any damages due you. Consumer protection laws are in place to protect the public from these and many more instances of fraud. Maybe it's time you looked into that problem you've been having with a product or service provider and see if there isn't already a consumer protection class action lawsuit in play that addresses your needs.

Class Action America is committed to providing YOU with the information and access you need to find out if you are eligible to claim your share of billions of dollars distributed yearly through thousands of class action lawsuits.

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