Abandoned Empires

Ever wonder what happens to all of those
free sites, free auto-responders, free affiliate
links and everything else once they are
abandoned and forgotten.

You and I are probably both guilty of creating
and abandoning a lot of auto-responders, free
sites, etc., if you have been online for any
length of time as I have.

It does happen.

Years ago folks bought things to last a lifetime.
A good watch is an example. Now, we can
get a watch in a cereal box that keeps better
time, and when it quits you just throw it away
and get another one.

Not all that is abandoned is free.

Many sites
and services that were bought have been
abandoned too. There are many abandoned
empires lying around the net.

An area that I haven't even touched on is that
of SPAM.

There is a topic that adds a great
deal to this potential problem that we have
dealt with in previous articles.

As we change to new computers, change email
addresses, ISPS, and web hosts, we lose contact
with a lot of things we have created and maintained.
The normal flow of email reminders that it even
exists is now cut off.

What happens to all of that junk ?

I mean, it's not like there is a cyberspace junk
patrol that comes by, cleans up our "mess" and
discards it.

At least, I don't think that such a
service exists.

So does all of that stuff must just keep floating
around in cyberspace forever?

If so, Seems as if eventually it would begin to *plog up*
things. Someone would stumble across some of it
just by accident and say, "Hey, who left this lying here?"

This may be a new opportunity for some enterprising

You could create a new service
that specializes in cleaning up all of that Cyber
Junk that has just been cluttering up the internet
for several years now. Hmmm.?

Or, perhaps cyberspace is infinite. There is no end
to the junk we can leave out there and it won't make
a dent in the greater picture.

Larry Johnson, author

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========================================= . ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Larry Johnson is a webmaster of several sites as well as publisher of the Biz Site Biz Ezine.

He has
been nationally published in such magazines as Home Business Magazine. With a background in
advertising including radio and TV he began work on the internet more than 8 years ago.
. .

By: Larry Johnson

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